My Story


I was born in Norfolk and I was only four and half when my life tragically and unexpectedly changed – my father dropped dead from a heart attack; within a three week period we lost my father, our home, business and money, and my mum had no choice but to relocate to an isolated village miles away that she had been brought up in – and had fought so hard to leave years before – with two young children. My mother worked hard to rebuild our lives and for a while steadiness and security returned. After a few years, my mother became ill and being isolated in such a small place with no real access to sources of help, life began to collapse.

I entered my teenage years depressed, despondent and with rampant acne on my face, back and arms – and a decades long battle with this destructive chronic skin disease began. My depression was medically diagnosed at 15 and along with very powerful antibiotics for my skin, I was also put on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. At 18 I left to go to University to study law. I saw a therapist who cried when I told her my history. I started to feel suicidal. At the time I didn’t realise it, but I was having a breakdown. After a year I couldn’t take it any longer and left, going to London to stay with my brother; but this was a very challenging time and I felt depressed, isolated and neglected. At 19, a few months shy of being 20, my brother threw me out on to the street with no where to go when he discovered I was gay. This was the first of several times in my twenties that I was made homeless.

Life continued with its ups and downs and I became a heavy social drinker and recreational drug user. I came off my anti-depressant medication determined to never go back on it. During this time I became involved in a couple of abusive relationships, one of which became physically abusive before I finally left. There were periods of intense depression and my acne showed no sign of ever being fully cured. However, there were many happy times – I am by nature a happy, optimistic person and it was this natural disposition that got me through certain events. I had three courses of a very strong dangerous drug to clear my skin, the last course of which I had in my late thirties. Unfortunately, the medication caused several damaging side effects including the loss of almost 50% of my hair (which never grew back), dry skin and joint issues which continue to this day.

Throughout this entire time my study of ancient and modern philosophies including Spiritualism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Law of Attraction helped me cope and even survive the darkest of times; my beliefs gave me hope and a desire to strive for something more in life; my beliefs kept me alive.In my early thirties I went to stay on an Ashram in the Bahamas and trained to be a Yoga Teacher. My life really started to change significantly for the better. I no longer took any recreational drugs and I hardly drink anymore, and when I do, it is just very moderately. Apart from a few months when I was 34, I haven’t taken anymore anti depressants. I have gone on to train over a thousand people to be Yoga Teachers and helped countless more to live fulfilling, conscious led authentic lives – helping people to create lives they want to live rather than living by default. I spend my time lecturing, writing and public speaking, sharing my experiences and guiding people to find their true selves.

I created VitalLiving as a way to reach as many of you as I can. I’m so pleased and deeply grateful that you are here.